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Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can cause a major disruption to your everyday living.  It needs to be fixed without fuss or delay. 

At Colchester Plumbing we understand. 

We have specialised trucks fitted out with all the equipment necessary to solve the problem from sewer cleaning machines (‘snakes’), to high pressure water jetting machines to effectively and efficiently clear the most difficult blockages in your sewer or storm water drainage system.

Once the blockage is clear we can then locate and view the cause.  By using our CCTV colour camera inspection technology coupled with our locator system, we can trace the issue with pin point accuracy and evaluate potential pipe damage.

If it is determined that further works are needed to permanently rectify the problem Colchester Plumbing can use trenchless pipe relining technology.  However, if renewing a section of the drain is determined to be the most efficient and cost effective solution we have all the equipment and experience necessary to complete the job.